Chroma 4.5GB library for Stylus RMX free for limited time (In Session Audio)

Description: Легальные бесплатные пресеты из разных источников, которые вы можете использовать в ваших проектах.
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Chroma brings the sound of Fluid Harmonics to the Stylus RMX format.
By combining guitars, synths and sound design Chroma allows Stylus RMX users to create beds of melodic pulses and tonal rhythms in any key and at any tempo.
With a chromatic layout, users can “play” Stylus RMX “like a keyboard” to easily combine parts to create any chord that is needed.
Chroma is the first In Session Audio release to be part of the BPM Flex Series. This means that any loop can be used at virtually any tempo without the use of artificial stretching.
Additionally, Chroma users will experience a rare-seen feature: multi-track loops and MIDI files triggered from a single channel! (see below)
Useful, intuitive and flexible, Chroma is a welcome addition to any Stylus RMX user.

This library requires Spectrasonics Stylus RMX. To use the loops, place the folder titled “Chroma – In Session Audio” into Stylus RMX’s user libraries folder. On Windows, generally is C:\ProgramData\Spectrasonics\SAGE\SAGE Libraries\User Libraries. (Включите скрытые файлы и папки в системе F10 Win7)


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