15GB of free samples, MIDI’s and presets (The Drunken Coconut)

Description: Легальные бесплатные семплы для ваших проектов.
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NumallFix M
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#1by NumallFix » 1 Jun 2016, 5:57


We have a ridiculous freebie to give away! Lets cut to the point! Over 15gb of our owners best selling sample packs and tons of bonus content are included! This is an insane amount of samples to add to your collection! The demo is just one of many construction kits included in the pack!

  • MIDI & WAV files
  • 50+ construction kits
  • 200+ MIDI files (leads, melodies, chords, progressions etc)
  • Vox & acapellas
  • Sylenth presets
  • Tons of different instruments
  • Tropical, Deep, Future, Swing, Hardstyle, Progressive, Melodic, Jungle Tech, Tech house, Drums, Psy Bounce genres!
  • 3,400 files


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#2by GeorgeRoof » 21 May 2020, 13:35

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